** Congratulations from MTOC 2018 **

NVYSL congratulates each of the 18 Teams who represented our league in the 2018 Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) in Lancaster from 22-24Jun18.  You played with skill and strength and sportsmanship, and NVYSL is proud of you!


Special congratulations to our 6 NVYSL Teams who advanced out of their round robin brackets and into their division semi-finals :

Groton-Dunstable G78A, coached by Miles Salyer & Mark Fosberry
Oakmont G912A, coached by Dean Chaisson & Kevin Madden
Pepperell G56A, coached by Jeff Peterson & Jessica Bocelli
Pepperell G912A, coached by Adam McFague & Keith Bagley
Pepperell B56A, coached by Mark DiCicco & Bill Harrington
Pepperell B78A, coached by Keith Bagley & Mark DiCicco


Special commendations to our 4 NVYSL Teams who were recognized by the MTOC Sportsmanship Committee for their outstanding conduct throughout the tournament.  You played with tenacity and class, and NVYSL is proud to call you our own!

Athol BPGA, coached by Xavier Santana & Tyler Lajoie
Clinton G78A, coached by Christine Tenneson & John LaRoche
Pepperell G56A, coached by Jeff Peterson & Jessica Bocelli
Tyngsboro G912A, coached by Ettore de Mari


** Congratulations from our 2018 NCup Tournament **

NVYSL congratulates the 56 Teams from 17 of our Clubs who earned an invitation to the 2018 NCup Tournament.  Thank you for delivering some remarkable soccer on the pitch in our wonderful host venues at Clinton, Groton, Orange, and Pepperell.  Together, you made 16-17Jun2018 a memorable weekend for our entire league!


NVYSL recognizes the following Teams who advanced out of NCup Playoffs to represent Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League at the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC).  Consult the MTOC resource center at for Tournament Locations, Brackets, Schedules, and Outcomes.

Athol BPGA (BoysPG Team ID#9103)
Clinton G910A (Girls9/10 D2 Team ID#6251)
Harvard B912A (Boys11/12 Team ID#8109)
Maynard B912A (Boys11/12 Team ID#8108)
Oakmont G912A (Girls11/12 Team ID#8157)
Pepperell G912A (Girls11/12 Team ID#8152)
Townsend-Ashby B910A (Boys9/10 D1 Team ID#6104)
Tyngsboro G912A (GirlsPG Team ID#9158)
Tyngsboro B910B (Boys9/10 D1 Team ID#6111)

Clinton G78A (Girls7/8 D2 Team ID#4260)
Groton-Dunstable G78A (Girls7/8 D1 Team ID#4159)
Leominster B78A (Boys7/8 D1 Team ID#4112)
Oakmont B78A (Boys7/8 D1 Team ID#4107)
Pepperell B78A (Boys7/8 D2 Team ID#4205)

Groton-Dunstable G56A (Girls5/6 D1 Team ID#2152)
Groton-Dunstable B56A (Boys5/6 D1 Team ID#2111)
Pepperell G56A (Girls5/6 D2 Team ID#2259)
Pepperell B56A (Boys5/6 D2 Team ID#2204)

Teams in red were crowned as Champions of their NCup Playoffs.


NVYSL recognizes the following NCup Tournament Finalists, who fought through their early rounds to earn a chance in their championship match :

Bolton B56A
Groton-Dunstable B912A
Leominster G78A
Littleton G56A
Littleton B56A
Maynard G56A
Maynard B78A
Oakmont G78A
Townsend-Ashby B78A
Townsend-Ashby B912B

Teams in green were Champions of their NCup Divisions and were awarded the Nashoba Cup Trophy until 2019.

Our deepest thanks to all the Coaches, Teams, and Volunteers who made NCup 2018 special!


Plan ahead for the 33rd Annual Pepperell Fall Classic!

The PFC Tournament is a fall youth soccer tradition like no other in our area, kicking off on Columbus Day Weekend (October 6-8th 2018).  NVYSL encourages you to register teams in what we know will be an exciting and enriching experience for your players!

For more information, consult the PFC website at

Also contact PFC Tournament Directors David White & Ryan Barbini directly at


Have you heard of the Town Select League (TSL)?

NVYSL is thrilled to participate in the Town Select League!  TSL is a two-season program run by Mass Youth Soccer, designed for Players on a NVYSL Team who are not also affiliated with a private club, and who are seeking a more intense and immersive soccer experience.

To learn more, Coaches, Parents, and Players should visit :

TSL also has a host of opportunities for paid coaching positions!  Interested Coaches can learn more at:

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