Coach Passcards

Effective with the Fall 2013 season, the NVYSL will issue passcards with photos to all coaches in all age groups.  Coaches will identify themselves at matches by presenting passcards to match referees.  Only on an exceptional basis can a coach identify him/herself with an alternate form of photo identification such as a driver's license, matching a coach name on a valid team roster.

 Concussion Awareness - Concussions in sports and elsewhere are getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason, finally.  Several state youth soccer associations have made Concussion Awareness Training mandatory for all youth sports coaches.  Mass Youth Soccer is currently formulating its position on concussions.  In the meantime, here is what all coaches can do both for the benefit of their players and to use in everyday life.  Go to the Center for Disease Control web site and take the free on-line concussion awareness course.  To do so, paste the following link into your browser.  Parents, too!
Thank you for doing this.  Concussion Awareness Training is expected to become mandatory for all youth soccer coaches soon.  Let's all get in the forefront on concussion awareness.


On a trial basis for the Spring of 2014  season Bylaw changes

Our Bylaws state

The NVYSL board may make a change in the operation of the league on a single season trial basis without changing the bylaws.  If it does so, member clubs will notified of the change in a timely manner.

Please note this spring 2014 single season bylaw changes.  Yellow is current Green is change for spring of 2014

Bylaw 4


Clubs may submit teams in any Group that is offered.  U10 teams will be placed in flights by the U10 Directors based on previous records to provide the most even competition. MTOC teams will be placed in MTOC1 and MTOC2 Groups by the Competition Committee based on the team records the previous spring and previous fall and any other information deemed appropriate by the Competition Committee.  The placement of MTOC teams in flights within a MTOC Group will be by random draw. U12-U19 Recreational Group teams will be placed in flights as determined by the Age Director and the Competition Committee.   In the Recreational Group, consideration will be given to a club request to place multiple club teams in separate flights.

On a trial basis this season  BU & GU18/19  MTOC teams will be placed in flights as determined by the Board. 

 Bylaw - 17

MTOC Group

NVYSL representative(s) to MTOC tournament will be based on results of play in the end-of-season NVYSL NCup tournament. The number of teams that reach the NCUP will be determined by the number of teams in each flight:

4 teams - 1v2

5 or 6 teams - 2v3, 1 versus winner of 2v3

7 or more teams - 1v4, 2v3, and then finals between the winning teams

On a trial basis this season, the number of teams that reach the NCup and the NCup format will be determined by the Board.


Bylaw - 18

To qualify for playoffs, a team must win at least as many matches as it loses.   If there are not enough qualifying teams according to their records, the number of teams in the playoff is reduced.

On a trial basis this season, the number of teams qualifying for playoffs will be determined by the Board

Lancaster Youth Soccer is hosting Sunday Friendlies throughout the spring season, and is seeking teams to fill their spring schedule.
There are opportunities every Sunday from 06April - 08June2014 for BU10 (2:30PM kickoff), GU12 (2:30PM), BU12 (4PM) and GU14 (4PM).
All games are refereed and are played on Sunday afternoons on the fields behind Mary Rowlandson Elementary School at 103 Hollywood Drive in Lancaster, MA. This is an excellent opportunity for NVYSL teams to gain real-game experience outside the standrd 8 game spring schedule.

Please reach out to Barbara Battle ( or 443-812-2549) if you are interested, and she'll work with you to set up a schedule. Thanks!

At the Feb 9 Leagues meeting, there was a Wild Card draw.

NVYSL received:

Girls U12 Div 1 wild card

Boys U12 Div 2 wild card

Boys U18 wild card

 10/08/2013: League minutes now added to NVYSL web site.  To keep you better informed we've add Minutes to the documents on the ABOUT page under importand documents. 
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