NVYSL Coaches and Players, Mark Your Calendars!

Following are the dates for the spring 2015 eight week regular season for NVYSL travel players.
A detailed schedule of home and away game locations will be available on the NVYSL website in March.

Week 1 - April 11/12

Week 2 - April 18/19

Week 3 - April 25/26

Week 4 - May 2/3

Week 5 - May 9/10

Week 6 - May 16/17

Week 7 - May 30/31

Week 8 - June 6/7

 Concussion Awareness - Concussions in sports and elsewhere are getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason, finally.  Several state youth soccer associations have made Concussion Awareness Training mandatory for all youth sports coaches.  Mass Youth Soccer is currently formulating its position on concussions.  In the meantime, here is what all coaches can do both for the benefit of their players and to use in everyday life.  Go to the Center for Disease Control web site and take the free on-line concussion awareness course.  To do so, paste the following link into your browser.  Parents, too!
Thank you for doing this.  Concussion Awareness Training is expected to become mandatory for all youth soccer coaches soon.  Let's all get in the forefront on concussion awareness.

 10/08/2013: Minutes of open league board meetings are available on this web site.  To stay better informed, see Approved League Minutes to the ABOUT page under Important Documents. 
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